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Summary[edit | edit source]

Aisfor is short for A is for Anarchy, an online text RPG based within a Virtual Reality (VR) world.   This virtual reality is the only known reality to the players, which are now the 6th+ generation of the original game characters.  All characters in this game start out in <the Capitol without a name> at level 1 as a Novice that complete quests/fight in battles/participate in game story to acquire new abilities.  Through gaining and utilizing skills, characters often begin to call themselves after class names 'Warrior, Mage, Thief, etc.'  Though multiple individuals may use such a title, gamers should expect that no two individual characters are going to be completely alike in their builds.  Unlike most role play sites, A is for allows its players to literally world build.  Zones, quests, monsters, equipment and skills once approved become part of the permanent world, meaning that other characters can also acquire or participate to gain experience, benefits and overall a bigger perspective on the world.  Character levels are used as flavor text, with a current level limit of <tell me your sweet sweet level limit here> for the Tier 1 character (all new and current characters are Tier 1, which will be discussed in detail within the Tiers section).  Blah Blah type good maybe some of this works go!

Mission Statement[edit | edit source]

Our mission: to inspire and nurture the creative writing juices within. 

We are creative, adult, mature role-players and friends. We work together to build a fantastical world where we can be challenged and engaged, where together we can connect, laugh, and uplift our lives. With maturity, we gain both responsibility and freedom, allowing us to work together to create something amazing, for we are greater than the sum of our parts. Collaboration is a key element to A Is For... and thus so is expanding and maintaining our Wiki. Characters can and should shape the world, and be recognized for their accomplishments within. 

List of Important Articles[edit | edit source]

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